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We love Pediatric Dentistry of Texarkana! Dr Glass and Dr Bunch and the whole staff is amazing! My 3 year old doesn't mind at all going to the dentist. They are so wonderful to work with!

thumb Lauren Zylks
August 4, 2022

I wouldn't ever go anywhere else. Both Dr. Glass and Dr. Bunch are amazing. The time they take to show my child what's going on, how the instruments will work, what they feel like, etc before they even begin makes everything so much easier on him. We have been going to them since an emergency tooth break happened at 20 months. Dr. Glass was available after hours, had us text him pictures, talked in the phone, and ended up meeting is at his office at like 10 or 11 at night. Didn't charge a penny. We live an hour away but couldn't get a hold of anyone closer. Dr. Glass was more than accommodating and gentle through it all. We now choose to drive an hour just to see this dentist because of how wonderful everyone is. Precovid they had slides, a little play house, games, and a movie playing in waiting room. So much fun! They play a movie above the chairs to help encourage kids.to look up and be distracted from their work. Mine don't usually watch it so they ask them questions, always positive and praising, and become my child's best friend before we leave. Every child gets a coin to use in their 'prize machine' before they leave as a good job gift. It's just some little trinket but it leave my child smiling. It's these extra mile sort.of things that make the whole dentist experience better. My son had a lot of issues when he was younger with his teeth but he still enjoys going to see Dr. Glass and Dr. Bunch. If you're looking for a pediatric dentist, I wouldn't recommend anyone else. They are the only ones we have seen and don't need to see others because they are beyond wonderful. All staff from the woman checking us in, to the dentist, the hygienist, to the woman who checks you out. We have been with them for four years now and have never had a bad experience. Even when my son needed a down and several fillings from different issues, we have been blown away by their work and help.

thumb Jessica Grace
April 7, 2021

A BIG 5 star review and a HUGE thank you to Dr. Glass and his team! Today's was my daughter's first trip to the dentist due to a fall and bumping her tooth back. His patience, examination, and explanation really helped put this Momma's worries at ease. Very clean and kid-friendly office with the sweetest staff!

thumb Veronica Baird
September 10, 2019

Most amazing dentistry I've ever had the pleasure of stepping foot into. I've been to Germany, and all over the US, have been to military dentists, civilian, specialty dentists you have to be referred to, and I must say, none of them hold a flame to the care and comfort of everyone around. Lots for the little ones to do, old games, new games, puzzle games, slides, toys galore! My son had a blast, and I left wishing this was my dentist office.

thumb Nicholas Latona
January 31, 2018

The Pediatric Dentistry of Texarkana is amazing. This was my boys first trip to the dentist and everything went really well. We were in and out in no time. Such a friendly and amazing staff

thumb Lx Dj
January 12, 2021

The best dentist in Texarkana. Absolutely love the staff and the atmosphere. My son loves Dr.Glass and Staff.

thumb Amber Deloney
July 21, 2021

I just want to say my 7 year old has been giving Kool Smile/Taylor Dentist a hand full of problems and she wouldn't even let them brush her teeth. This is her now 3rd visit and 1st treatment with them and she has not given them any fight to get the work done. The work they do to keep the kids calm, is amazing. This visit was a test to see if I would keep her at this dentist and they have won us over. This will now be our Family dentistry.

thumb QueenD Nicole
December 2, 2021

Can I give 10 stars? They deserve it!!!! I have a three year old and she’s just really starting to talk, Dr Garcia was the best dental experience I have ever had. She is like a child whisperer, my sweet girl runs up and hugs her. She isn’t pushy, she will not put a toddler in a situation to fear the dentist and for that I’m so grateful! I can not speak highly enough about this place. Soooo thankful we met her.

thumb Lisa Pardue
November 10, 2021


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